Bearings for railway-vehicles

This special area will be split up for bearings for wheel-sets and for gearboxes.

Cylindrical-roller-bearings for wheel-sets WI/WIP 120x240 and WI/WIP 130x240 are approved by Deutsche Bahn AG. Until today we supplied more than 350.000 units to our customers. These bearings are could be offered with cages in brass or polyamide. The wheel-set-bearing WI/WIP 130x240 is designed up to 25,0 tons axle-load.

Bearings for gearboxes are standard bearings, but manufacturer of gearboxes modified these bearings. Our close relationship to manufacturers in Slovak and Czech Republic is our advance to modified bearings for a special purpose and type of gearbox for locomotives. New designs will be create in a close co-operation with expert and committed designers.

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Polyamide Cage

The reliability of wheel-set-bearings can be substantially increased since 20 years with the application of polyamide cages, which consist of fibre glass added polyamide, results in the improved stability against dynamic stress of wheels with damaged running surface. It also prolongs the lubricant use time resulting from less friction and less roller slip in bearings due the lower operating temperature and less abrasion of metal. The theoretical study was affirmed by laboratory experiments and driving tests.

Operators of tracks or Maintenance enterprises have a high benefit for longer spacing of maintenance and higher operational safety. Since our first delivery in 1997 of wheel-set bearings with polyamide cage, we supply more than 350.000 units.

Ten years later, we decided to put all our collected experiences to an new cage. These new one was successfully tested in February 2008 under supervision by Deutsche Bahn AG. The new cage was designed as an all-purpose-cage and is ready now to use for Reconditioning of wheel set bearings for all common producers of bearings.

Reconditioning of wheel set bearings

Used wheel-set bearings end up as scrap material. This can be avoided as wheel-set bearings not older than 44 years can be re-used after retrofitting.

According to Deutsche Bahn AG specifications based on DS 98404, annexes 16, 18, and 19, ib-s is offering converting old brass cages to new polyamide cages. Polyamide cages for RWU 120 x 240 and RWU 130 x 240, made by brand Kinex, are approved for this purpose. This cage has been made a successful running test at test bed, supervised by Deutsche Bahn AG, as a universal cage for all common producers of such kind of bearings.

The conversion is performed on company owned machines and is supervised by ib-s personnel together with experienced experts. The converted wheel set bearings can then be used unrestrictedly. They are subject to the specifications for new wheel set bearings outlined by UIC and DB AG.

The most important steps:

  1. Inspection
    While cleaning, the outer ring and rollers are visually inspected for damaged areas such as grooves and crumbled spots. The report will indicate whether a bearing can be converted according to DS 98404 or is just scrap material.

  2. Conversion
    The wheel-set bearing which can be converted according to DS 9840 will receive a new polyamide cage while keeping the old and approved roller set, subject to the certified quality requirements of Deutsche Bahn AG.

  3. Control
    The assembled wheel-set bearings are re-inspected complying with quality requirements by measuring the radial clearance in comparison to a measurement standard. The conversion is marked on the outer ring. Finally the converted wheel set bearing is released for return shipment in proper packaging.

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Wheel-set unit up to 25 tons axle-load

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